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Our clinic is very proud of the members of our team.

Corrie Moreau

Add ons, IV Therapy, Injections

Corrie is a nurse with 15+ years experience. She holds several certifications in infusion. She currently works as a travel infusion nurse, home infusion nurse, research nurse, and vascular access nurse. She also has a business as a funding agent for those looking for the right funding source. Corrie is a mother of one daughter and a wife. She enjoys reading, writing poetry, traveling, and being a nurse.

Justine Vargas

Add ons, IV Therapy, Injections

Justine, an owner of The Charging Station, has 12 years’ experience as a healthcare professional. She received her registered medical assistant in 2010 where she was able to explore many areas. Justine’s working experience started in cardiothoracic surgery and transitioned to phlebotomy in a major hospital and then a patient care technician in orthopedics and oncology.

Justine’s desire to do more for her patients and make an impact in healthcare guided her to nursing school. She graduated from nursing school in 2019 right before the pandemic, forcing her to quickly adjust to a constantly changing environment as the world navigated COVID. Justine believes this experience made her a more experienced and astute nurse as she cared for a challenging demographic of patients such as oncology and COVID patients.

Justine holds a biotherapy/chemotherapy certification, specialized training that shows she is proficient and skilled to administer chemotherapy and immunotherapy. Her experience working both inpatient and outpatient facilities has given her a well-rounded understanding of the different needs and challenges that cancer patients face at different stages of their treatment journey. Because she has seen firsthand the physical and emotional toll that cancer and other chronic illnesses can take on patients and their families, Justine is committed to providing compassionate and personalized care to everyone she works with. She is excited to have the opportunity to bring her love, compassion, and skills to people in need of hydration services!

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