Let Us Provide You With Vitamin Injections So You Can Feel Your Best!

At The Charging Station, we're passionate about IV therapy, but we also recognize the benefits of Vitamin Injections for those seeking a quick and easy boost in Washington, Oregon, or Arizona. Our range of shots, including Vitamin B12 Injections, B12 with MIC, and Vitamin D3 Injections, provide a convenient way for our patients to get the nutrients they need.

Our team of certified nurses is always happy to discuss the best options for your body and how to incorporate them into your health and wellness routine. Our mobile IV nutrient specialists are available in Washington, Arizona, and Oregon and can bring the benefits of Vitamin Injections to the comfort of your home. Book your injections with us today to support your overall health and wellbeing.


Add on an injection to your infusion for extra energy and immunity support